Ultimate U2 – Happy Birthday Bono

A lot of bands started in high school never usually expect to make it, let alone sell over 170 million records, win 22 Grammy awards, and become one of the biggest bands in classic and modern rock history.

…and then there is U2.

And while many of us get nicknames from our friends, not many are as iconic as one given to Paul Hewson.

…or you may know him as Bono.

The Irish legend himself – BONO – is celebrating a birthday on May 10! Join Q107 as we play the ULTIMATE U2 as voted by YOU! 

Pick your favourite five U2 songs below, and the ones that get the most votes will be played Tuesday, May 10 at 5pm with Tarzan Dan on your drive home.

Ultimate U2 – Happy Birthday Bono! Only on Q107, Calgary’s Classic Rock!