Zack Hewitt

Radio just kind of happened for me.

After studying live sound design for theater production at Red Deer College, combined with my love affair for live DJ-ing and music, radio just started.  It seemed like the next great logical place to share my love for good stories, and great music.

I’ve worked all over the dial in Calgary, including Q107 back in 2004/2005.  From Fort McMurray to Calgary, to Sudbury then Brockville and to Calgary.  Then it was to one of my favorite stops.

Canada’s iconic rock station HTZ-FM in St Catharines Ontario.  Doing mornings at one of Canada’s most cherished radio stations was a real honor, and it’s filled with some amazing human beings.  Broadcasting all over Southern Ontario, including Toronto and Buffalo NY, it really is one of the biggest stations in Canada.

Then it was back to Calgary for me, and eventually back into my home at Corus and Q107.

Regardless of where we will meet, it’ll likely be at the other end of a microphone somewhere… or maybe the hockey rink.  That’s another place I love.  Thanks for listening!


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