Tarzan Dan

My mom once suggested “getting into radio” would make my hyper personality would seem “normal.”

Thanks mom!

Although currently my voice is what you hear from me, you use to see my face every day on YTV. Back when I had my own TV show YTV Hit List with Tarzan Dan, I was there for 8 years and loved it!

My creative passion goes beyond just radio and television. My photography has been a deep rooted love of mine since I was a kid.

I love meeting people who know me for both Tarzan Dan and for being the man behind beautiful photos.

Tarzan Dan's Blog

It is 2018 and guess what, the world has run out of ideas. Everything you watch these days are either re-boots, reunion episodes, or the classic remake. Could be an unpopular opinion, but I love remakes. Especially when the original movie has a good story line, but has terrible animation because it was made before…

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