Brian ‘Hurricane’ Smith

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Brian ‘Hurricane’ Smith has been an on-air personality in Calgary for a while: A freakishly long time actually.

Some of the highlights include being dipped in chocolate – yes, a full on chocolate bath – and no it wasn’t anywhere near as fun as you would think. It was for promotional purposes only. He also has been on television with CMT when it was based in Calgary and he has also done lots of cool interviews with singers and other famous types.

When he is not blabbering on about who-knows-what on the air, he voices commercials for a bunch of clients in North America. Hurricane also produces television commercials and marketing videos for small businesses.

Calgary is his first true love. Strange to fall in love with a city but it’s true! He enjoys long contemplative walks that end at craft breweries. Actually, he often skips the walks entirely and just goes right to the craft brewery. Just sayin…

His favorite food are pretty much anything that is barbecued. His favorite topic is trying to figure out exactly what goes through Tarzan Dan’s mind.

PS: If you see him playing air drums and air guitar through the windows facing the street along 17th avenue, don’t laugh, grab another air instrument and join in! Hurc’s air guitar and drums means there is always a need for an air keyboardist or air cowbell. Cheers


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