Teen girl rescued from chimney after trying to sneak into her own home

An anonymous teenager tried sneaking into her locked home through the chimney, but found herself stuck as it was block off at the bottom.

Someone is vying for Santa Claus’ job, just maybe not on purpose.

A 17-year-old girl had to be rescued from a chimney after being stuck for more than an hour while sneaking into her own home in South Phoenix on Wednesday night.

Phoenix Fire Department spokesperson Todd Keller said firefighters responded to a home for a report of a confined space rescue.

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Her incredible rescue was broadcast live on Facebook by Fox 10 Phoenix.

In part of the footage, the young woman is seen being hoisted from the chimney, covered from head to toe in soot. She even flashes a smile to onlookers, clearly relieved to be free.

The girl’s friend, identified only as Yasmeen, told Fox 10 the two of them got locked outside her home.

Seemingly left with no other options, they climbed to the top of the roof and decided to get in through the chimney. Little did they know it was blocked off at the bottom.

“She was panicking,” Yasmeen said. “She was, like, ‘Call 911!’ She couldn’t breathe.”

“I didn’t know it was blocked from the bottom … So she went down and she started freaking out.”

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Finally, the unidentified girl was rescued, but not after a 40-minute ordeal that required the fire department to set up a tripod to lift her out.

“ were so mad,” Yasmeen said. “Really mad.”

She wasn’t taken to hospital after refusing transport, Keller added, saying the teen communicated with the first responders throughout the rescue.


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