'Cats' new trailer: A closer look at Taylor Swift and Idris Elba's cat characters

WATCH: Universal Pictures released a brand-new trailer for 'Cats,' a film adaptation of the stage musical to be released in theatres on Dec. 20.

In about one month, Cats will be released to theatres, but for now, Universal has released a second trailer for the film with a closer look at a star-studded ensemble of actors as cats.

The upcoming movie musical’s second trailer shows the cats doing more cat-like activities than just dancing and singing.

One cat is playing with catnip in a blinged-out container, another yells “Milk!” and James Corden’s cat even hisses at another feline.

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Cats uses the actors’ faces and covers their bodies in computer-generated fur as they sing and dance.

The second trailer gives viewers a closer look at Taylor Swift’s cat as she performs on stage.

“Tonight is a magical night where I choose the cat that deserves a new life,” Judi Dench’s cat says at the beginning of the trailer.

“Going to the ball could get dangerous,” Idris Elba’s cat says before laughing.

The movie also features Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Rebel Wilson and Jason Derulo.

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Many people took to Twitter to discuss the new Cats trailer after it was released.

Cats hits theatres Dec. 20.

Watch the second trailer in the video above.

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