Pop-up potty pilot project potentially coming to Kelowna

It’s unlike anything Kelowna has seen before, but council will decide on Monday whether or not a pop-up washroom will find a temporary home in downtown Kelowna.

“We’re pretty excited about a proposal that council is going to get to look at on Monday which is going to be providing additional washroom services to the downtown Queensway bus loop area,” said Lance Kayfish, City of Kelowna community safety director.

The washroom, if approved, will be the first of its kind in Kelowna, as it will be built using a shipping container.

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Kayfish says “we are going to use as the structure of the facility something that can be done quickly and that’s a shipping container.”

The updated area will have the new restroom as well as a kiosk on the side that Kayfish says is part of a social enterprise.

“We will run a social enterprise and will have washroom attendants that can help manage the area and just make sure it stays clean and inviting.

The people in charge of maintaining the washroom will be working in association with an organization called PEOPLE Employment Services (Paid employment for people with lived experiences).

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“It provides opportunities to people that have lived experience and may have lived homeless or come out of substance use and are looking for ways to reintegrate with the community.”

According to a report from the City of Kelowna, the project will cost roughly $200,000 and if approved on Monday, could be up and running before the end of summer.

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