Drunk American Airlines passenger pees on another passenger’s luggage mid-flight

A drunk American Airlines passenger urinated on another passenger’s luggage during a flight from Chicago to Charlotte, North Carolina late last week, police said.

According to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police report, obtained by The Charlotte Observer, authorities said a 28-year-old female passenger said another passenger had soiled her carry-on luggage with urine.

American Airlines requested that law enforcement meet the aircraft at the gate when the flight landed just before 1 a.m. Thursday.

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Airline officials said that “due to an intoxicated passenger, American Airlines requested law enforcement meet flight 1344 once it arrived in Charlotte at 12:52 a.m. on Thursday,” the newspaper reported.

The spokesperson did not go into further details about the incident.

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Police communications officer Cindy Wallace told the Observer that “criminal offences occurring in-flight are investigated by the FBI.”

Police did not say if charges would be filed against the drunk passenger, adding that the FBI had been notified.

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