Weekly survey: Which of today's new artists will we still be talking about in 20 years?

Fame can be such an evanescent thing. Most artists come and go, lacking staying power. They suddenly get hot and then just as suddenly disappear forever. If you need proof, go back at and look at any music awards program from five, ten or fifteen years ago. How many of those feted performers are still around? Not many. This is the fickle nature of the music industry. Labels bet on the ability of creative types to reliably deliver top-notch material over a period of years, a risky thing. A common metric says that out of every 30 artists signed to a record deal, 20 will lose money, seven will break even and the remaining three will pay for everything. To put it another way, the music industry works with 10-20% success rate. If that was your MLB batting average, you won’t last long in the bigs. There’s just no way to predict the longevity of any given singer or band. Nevertheless, let’s try some prognostication. Which artists have emerged over the last 3-5 years will we be still talking about in 20 years time? That immediately disqualifies established acts like the Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Kings of Leon. I only want your picks of artists who have appeared on our radars recently. Like who? Here are some thought starters: Arkells. Portugal. The Man. Twenty One Pilots. Imagine Dragons. Lumineers. Jade Bird. Or maybe it’s someone super brand-new you believe to be a star in the making. Lemme know your thoughts.

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