3 apps to put some sizzle into your relationship

***The following blog is meant for mature readers, and the apps mentioned are intended for consenting adults***

Valentine’s Day is this week, and if your marriage or long term relationship has lost a little of it’s fire, then the apps below might be able to reignite it.  Even if you don’t need any help in the romance department, they can still be a lot of fun to play with nonetheless.


Tasks and Rewards for Couples

Android & iOS

With Spark Now, you and your partner are able to send personalized, automated reminders based off your relationship needs.  Pick between the categories of date night, cooking, cleaning, surprises, and intimacy. Then indicate how often you want it repeated, what day of the week the task should be completed on, and the exact activity.  There’s also the option to give a reward, to really keep the “spark” going and to remind each other of the benefits of meeting these needs.


Share Secret Desires Without Embarrassment

Android & iOS

Kindu is kind of like playing “Match Game!” You pick from a list of sexual scenarios, and then suggest the ones you’re into to your partner, who then either rejects the activity by pressing thumbs down, make it a possibility by pressing ‘maybe’, or committing to it by pressing the thumbs up. Your significant other will do the same, and then the two of you will view your matches to see which scenarios you’re both willing to do and which ones you’ll have to discuss, due to one of you being unsure about it. The idea is to spice up your sex life by discovering how much you and your partner are willing to experiment.


 A Game to Play Together

Android & iOS

And finally, the Desire – Couples Game sounds like a really fun app to share with your partner.  Think of it as Truth or Dare, but brought to the next level. Choose from thousands of dares, or write your own.  Give and receive points.  Get enough and unlock even more challenges.  Shake your phone and short messages will appear to send to your love, or write anything and send pictures thru the private chat. You can even pixelate parts of your pictures before sending them for a little tease.


Alright love birds, the ball is in your court now!  Here’s hoping these apps can make your Valentine’s Day and beyond even hotter and filled with passion!

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