5 physical signs your diet needs to change

WATCH: Fatigue, acne, constipation: signs you need to change your diet.

We’ve typically heard the phrase, “you are what you eat,” and nutrition experts will tell you, so much of this is true.

“Your body disassembles everything you eat and the usable, nutritious components fuel metabolic processes,” said registered dietitian Desiree Nielsen. “When you give your body the correct nourishment, it can functional optimally so you feel your best.”

But our bodies can handle a lot. Not that this is ideal, but Nielsen said we are able to function without optimal nutrition or worse, unhealthy eating patterns from time to time. This, however, is not beneficial over time.

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“Your repair functions literally become spent,” she continued. “This is when chronic disease occurs, but diseases like heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s are usually predated by years of minor ailments like fatigue, skin issues or poor mood.”

Foods change our mood

There has been plenty of research that shows certain food makes us feel tired, fatigued or sluggish. Nielsen said this has to do with blood flow and digestion.

On the flip side, there are also ingredients like caffeine or sugar that keep us energized or alert.

“When you eat a large celebratory meal, your body is shuttling blood flow to the gut for digestion and away from the central nervous system which can contribute to fatigue,” she explained. “Food choices that are high glycemic and lead to blood sugar spikes will also lead to fatiguing blood sugar crashes.”

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But switching to a healthy diet doesn’t always mean instant change. Unless of course, you are dehydrated and you chug a few glasses of water — your body will instantly feel better.

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