Alex Trebek keeps changing his facial hair and ‘Jeopardy!’ fans are going hairy over it

Canadian icon and legendary game show host Alex Trebek keeps messing with his facial hair and Jeopardy! fans are, shall we say, going hairy over it.

To kick off the latest season of the hit quiz show, Trebek, 78, appeared on set with a full beard, chinstrap and all, telling viewers the facial hair may not be a permanent fixture.

“It all depends on you,” Trebek told viewers.

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The game show is quizzing fans, asking viewers to “decide the fate of Alex’s facial hair” by voting on social media whether to keep it or not.

On Monday, Trebek referred to his facial hair as “my George Clooney-Sean Connery look.”

“The votes are still coming in, along with some suggestions,” the Sudbury native told viewers. “I don’t know if I’m going to get to keep it. However, I am enjoying my professorial look.”

Fast forward to Tuesday: Trebek is down to a goatee.

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“Next stop: Goatee City. Population: #AlexTrebeard,” the game show tweeted along with a video of the host taking a blade to his face.

On Wednesday morning, Trebek was back at it, shearing off the goatee, leaving nothing but a moustache, something the host had sported for many seasons of the show.

“Best mustache in Hollywood – hands down,” the quiz show tweeted. “Don’t @ us!”o

Well, viewers did comment.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the retro-stache,” a viewer commented. “The #AlexTrebeard was monumentally epic, though. RIP Beard.”

“Nnnnnoooooooooooooo!!!!” another replied.

“With or without, still the same handsome devil, Alex!” another chimed in.

Here’s a look at fans’ reactions to Trebek’s facial hair.

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