BB20's Bayleigh is Proud of the Game She Played

Bayleigh Dayton is the latest Big Brother Season 20 evictee. She left the house Thursday.

KOLTER: In a season of heated speeches, was your subdued apology to Tyler a ploy at differentiating your exit or simply how you felt?

BAYLEIGH: It was simply how I felt. Tyler deserved everything that I said to him but at the end of the day I wanted to be the bigger person and I wanted to leave on a good note. By the time I was giving my speech I already knew I was leaving the house.

K: Before Haleigh confessed it to you, had you any suspicion she was the hacker?

B: Only a slight suspicion. I kind of giggled it to myself “wouldn’t it be funny if the hacker was one of your closest people in the game…” but I didn’t expect it to be Haleigh.

K: When did you feel like the tide was turning against you? Was it before, during, or after Tyler openly told you he was voting you out of the house?

B: It was probably before. As soon as I was put on the block I knew I was in trouble because everyone knew I had a power and everyone felt threatened by me at the time.

K: As Head of Household, were you too tough on the other houseguests, or were you simply running as tight a ship as possible?

B: I was running as tight a ship as possible. I really didn’t think I was tough on them. If I was too tough on them they just can’t handle me being strict.

K: Will you employ similar tactics as the inaugural member of the jury?

B: Most likely. I probably come off as a little aggressive but I don’t really notice so I am just going to be myself.

K: How has this show shaped your personal journey and of what are you most proud?

B: This has completely taught me to have faith in myself and in the process. I am most proud of letting my guard down and just being authentic and of course, letting myself fall for Swaggy C.

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