Do you hear Laurel or Yanny? Would you rather vacation with Lorelai or Yanni?

Remember the great blue/black or gold/white dress debacle? The dress was worn by the mother of the bride in Scotland, and when she took a photo of it it looked like she was wearing a gold and white dress when in fact the dress was black and blue. Why? Global News explains.

You have to choose:

Dog or cat?

Hot dog or hamburger?

Laurel or Yanny?

The world is obsessed with this new clip that says Laurel or Yanny. Which do you hear?

I’d think this is a scam except, I’ve heard both. On my phone and on my computer at Q107, I hear “Laurel” but on my husband’s computer in our home, I hear “Yanny.”



University of Chicago psychologist Howard Nusbaum, who studies speech science, told Gizmodo that we hear “Laurel” or “Yanny” based on our ears and ear canals. Read it here.


Here are further explanations of this whole Laurel vs. Yanny mind bender.



Ellen DeGeneres, Stephen Colbert and other celebrities have weighed in on the 2018 version of the blue-and-black or gold-and-white dress debacle.

If this Laurel or Yanny debate isn’t your thing, vote on this instead: Would you rather vacation with Yanni or Lorelai? – Sarah 

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