That cool new statue of Bowie has already been vandalized

Not even 48 hours after the awesome new David Bowie statue was unviled in Aylesbury, UK, it was covered in graffiti. Yay people…

The statue, which was bought and paid for using crowdfunded money, had parts of the plaques vandalized and “Feed the homeless first” was written in front of it.

Also, if you’re going to deface a statue in honour of the guy, writing “RIP DB” doesn’t make it all better.

Whoever did this is obviously upset that the money that was spent on the statue wasn’t spent on feeding the homeless, which would be a legitimate concern if the statue wasn’t built using crowdfunded money. None of it came from the city. But do you know what does come from the taxpayers?

Clean up costs.

If you want to check out what the statue looked like before some hoodlums decided to tag it, check out the unveiling video from the other day.

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