What's better than Bowie? Bowie in spaaaaace.

Remember back at the beginning of February when the closest thing we have to a real life Bond villain, Elon Musk, shot his Tesla into space while playing a nonstop loop of Bowie just for fun?

That was cool.

The original plan for “Starman” was for it to orbit Mars forever, because when you own a company that makes rockets and cars, what else do you do for fun? Plans changed though, and instead “Starman” will crash in to the asteroid belt and be destroyed.

Because why not, right?

SpaceX just released a video, set to David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”, showing some never before seen shots of the launch and “Starman” in space. So if you’re a fan of space, cars, Bowie or even just cool stuff in general, give it a look.

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