Ticketmaster getting sued over charging you those extra fees

So it’s finally happened, Ticketmaster is getting sued for all those extra costs when buying a ticket.

The Canadian Competition Bureau officially launched a lawsuit today against Ticketmaster and Live nation, it’s parent company, saying that the extra fees that get tacked on are misleading, which yeah. And frustrating too. You go to buy a $80 ticket and all of a sudden it’s $130 with fees. What the hell is a convenience fee anyways?

Competition Bureau sues Ticketmaster for inflating prices with mandatory fees

Both Ticketmaster and Live nation had been warned before about doing this, but they didn’t care because money obviously.

There’s no word on what will come of this, but Ticketmaster said that they “remain committed to getting tickets into the hands of fans” but didn’t say anything about changing their pricing options.


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