Legendary Led Zeppelin – Happy Birthday Robert Plant!

Fronting not only one of the greatest rock acts of the 70s but one of the greatest rock acts of all time, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin set the bar high for other lead vocalists and frontmen. With a powerful vocal range, prolific songwriting, and an undeniable entertainment factor… Plant had it all – looks, charisma, and heaps of talent.

But, Robert Plant was not the first choice for vocals of Led Zeppelin. Following the dissolution of the British rock band, the Yardbirds, of which Jimmy Page was a guitarist for, Page was tasked with forming a band that could fulfill a handful of tour dates that the Yardbirds had booked. We can all thank Terry Reid for declining Pages’ offer to sing as Reid suggested Robert Plant to fill the role. 

Originally performing as the New Yardbirds, Page, Plant, John Bonham and Jean Paul Jones knew what they had was something special. Jones recalls, “As soon as I heard John Bonham play, I knew this was going to be great … We locked together as a team immediately.” 

Following a renaming of the group to Led Zeppelin, the band started recording together and never looked back, becoming one of the most influential and successful bands of not only the 70s but in rock music history. 

Now, let’s Get The Led Out, Q Crew. 

Pick your favourite five Led Zeppelin songs below, and the ones that get the most votes will be played Friday, August 20 at 5pm on your drive home.

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