Fabulously Fleetwood Mac – HBD Stevie Nicks!

When Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975, she became an overnight sensation.

While Nicks’ and Lindsey Buckingham had released their own music before joining the band, it was their combined talent that propelled the group to superstardom with enormous hit albums like the self-titled LP Fleetwood Mac and, of course, Rumours.

Rumours went on to sell over 17 million albums, and hit singles like ‘Dreams’ and ‘Rhiannon’ made Nicks’ the focal point of Fleetwood Mac (not to mention the iconic history and stories that came from the making of the album itself). She went on to release her own solo albums, working with fellow rockstars like Tom Petty, Don Henley, and more.

A gold dust woman, gypsy queen, rock goddess in the flesh, the legendary singer-songwriter has done it all.

On May 26 join Q107 as we celebrate the one and only Stevie Nicks, on her birthday, by playing your favorite Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac tracks – as voted by you!

Pick your favourite five songs below, and the ones that get the most votes will be played Thursday, May 26 at 5pm on your drive home.

It’s a Top 5 @ 5, Happy Birthday Stevie Nicks! Only on Q107, Calgary’s Classic Rock!