Cornel’s World Terrariums

At Cornel’s World we love designing custom terrariums that become little slices of paradise for your pets. Have something you’ve been dreaming of and would like to become a showpiece in your living room? We’ve got you covered. From initial concept to design and fabrication, we can help you turn those dreams into reality! With over 30 years of combined reptile keeping, cage design, and fabrication. We can design and build the reptile terrarium of your dreams that will also be well suited for it’s inhabitants. The sky’s the limit and we haven’t yet found a project too outlandish or crazy we couldn’t complete. We keep in contact with you every step of the way with design drawings, status updates, and photos of the build. While these terrariums will be the centrepiece in your home or office we also want to make sure it will be well suited for the reptiles or snakes it is going to house. In that respect we’ll also make suggestions to ensure safe and comfortable living conditions for every animal inside.