Definitely Don Henley – Happy Birthday Don!

As a founding member of the Eagles and as a solo artist, there is little that Don Henley hasn’t accomplished in the world of music…

In his time with the Eagles, Don anchored the band as drummer, vocalist, and co-leader. He not only sang but wrote some of their biggest hits, including: Hotel California, Desperado, Life in the Fast Lane, and many more. Following the groups disbandment, he went on to have his on solo success with the likes of Boys of Summer, Dirty Laundry, and continued his work through the 80s and 90s.

“Music changed my life,” Don wrote in his introduction to Jim Ladd’s book, Radio Waves. ”Radio, the vehicle for that music, was my connection to the world that lay outside my small hometown. During those difficult, adolescent years, it was a friend in the dark; a messenger to a lover; a magic carpet; a ticket out.”

Pick your favourite FOUR Don Henley songs below, and the ones that get the most votes will be played Friday, July 22 at 4pm (before Fan Request Friday) with Tarzan Dan on your drive home.

Definitely Don Henley, Happy Birthday Don – only on Q107, Calgary’s Classic Rock!