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  • Christmas Code Word

    Ho – Ho – Hold your Horses! Before you start hiding presents in the closet, under the bed, or locked in your car; Q107 and Sentinel Storage have another idea: Your very own secure and safe storage rental with Sentinel Storage! Store your presents along with your seasonal items. Make space for your Christmas tree […]

  • All I Want For Christmas Is Q!

    Keep it locked on Q107 in December because we are going to play the greatest Christmas song of all time… But… ONLY. ONE. TIME. It’s Mariah Carey’s Christmas Classic – All I Want For Christmas Is You on Q! When you hear us play the Christmas CLASSIC (ok, maybe not classic…) , All I want […]

  • Calgary’s Christmas Lights Display Map + Win a $500 Gift Card

    In partnership with Big Star Lights. Built better. Shine brighter.   Be the Griswold’s of your block and you could win a $500 Gift Card to spend with Big Star Lights, Canada’s premier supplier of high-quality commercial Christmas & LED lights. ZOOM IN on our map BELOW to see homes in the Calgary area that have […]

  • Fan Request Friday

    Q107? More like YOU 107! That’s right rock fans, you asked for it and we are answering the call – it’s Q107’s FAN REQUEST FRIDAY powered by Aussie Rules! On Fridays from 5pm – 6pm with Tarzan Dan you can: Text us at 107107 Call us at 403-264-1073  Tweet us @Q107Calgary or enter your request below! […]

  • The Grand IQ Test

    Every morning at 8:40am, Willy In The Morning tests listeners knowledge with The Grand IQ Test! You’ll be asked a series of 5 questions with an escalating value $50/$100/$150/$200/$1,000. Question Categories range from: Music, Current Events, Pop Culture, General/Local Knowledge… it could literally be about anything! Contestants can walk away at any time, but if they get […]