Best of Bob Seger

A local Detroit-area legend turned living rock legend, Bob Seger crafted a sound uniquely rooted in the Americana Midwest. Influenced by rock, soul, and rhythm and blues, Seger spoke to the working class, their trials and tribulations, and the ups and downs faced by us all. From Night Moves to Against the Wind, Old Time Rock & Roll to Hollywood Nights – you’re guaranteed to be singing along. 

The man himself, Mr. Bob Seger, is celebrating a birthday on May 6! Join Q107 as we play the Best of Bob Seger as voted by YOU! 

Pick your favourite five Bob Seger songs below, and the ones that get the most votes will be played Thursday, May 6 at 5pm with Tarzan Dan on your drive home.

Best of Bob Seger – Happy Birthday Bob! Only on Q107, Calgary’s Classic Rock!