She’s a Q107 Super Fan who loves Steve Miller, Iron Maiden, Fleetwood Man, Bon Jovi… (hey, the list goes on!) 

Her Top 5 Rock albums of all time: 

  1. Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast
  2. Fleetwood Mac – Rumors
  3. The Doors – The Doors
  4. Steve Miller Band – Fly Like an Eagle
  5. Bad Company – Bad Company

Her Top 5 Rock song of all time: 

  1. Living on a Prayer
  2. Jungle Love
  3. Run to the Hills
  4. Little Lies
  5. Don’t Fear the Reaper

If she could go back to the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s:

80’s. I was too young to appreciate the 80s, but love the music and fashion from it!

What she loves about Calgary: 

I built my home and had my children here, so most of my memories here are of growing our family.

Congratulations Ainsley on being our FIRST Fan Friday winner!


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