Aces of AC/DC – Happy Birthday Malcolm Young!

Founded in 1973 by Malcolm and Angus Young, AC/DC was helmed by the two brothers. Angus, the wildman, an attraction all himself. But Malcolm? He was the band’s musical anchor, and the driving force behind AC/DC.

We may not have seen it on stage, but Malcolm was not only the rhythm guitarist but a songwriter, performer, producer, and visionary. On top of all of that, he was fiercly loyal to the band and the fans.

His rhythm guitar style needed no embellishment. He laid down the simple solid guitar truth that taught us all about the ‘less is more ethic.’ The wild power of simplicity and the head banging hair flipping joys of turning it up really loud and dancing with the vibrations. – Nancy Wilson, Heart

On January 6 join Q107 as we celebrate the late Malcolm Young, on his birthday, by playing your favorite AC/DC tracks – as voted by you!

Pick your favourite five AC/DC songs below, and the ones that get the most votes will be played Thursday, January 6 at 5pm on your drive home.

Aces of AC/DC – Happy Birthday Malcolm Young! Only on Q107, Calgary’s Classic Rock!